Heart filled singing for longing-to-sing souls


Welcome, I’m Rose. I’m a singer, song-sharer, unscary singing teacher, multi-instrumentalist and choir leader.  

I want a world where singing is woven into the everyday, where all feel safe and affirmed to sing out, and where singing is viewed as a beautiful, meaningful, transcendent and collaborative process, rather only as a product to perfect and present.  

I help curious and longing-to-sing souls access the joy and general wonderfullness of singing. I teach 1-on-1 lessons, both in person and online, as well as offering freebies and a comprehensive, quirky and joyful online course called ‘The Unscary Singing Course’. 

I run choirs and workshops and perform my own music and collaborate with other humans with wide-eyed musical enthusiasm.

Rose Wilson

You can learn to sing…

I teach curious and longing-to-sing souls that they can sing afterall.

Even those who don’t quite believe it and are scared to start.

In fact, that’s who I love helping the most!

You can sing, even if someone told you couldn’t 20 or more years ago…

You are allowed to sing, you can learn to sing, and I have useful, unscary, unique and magical ways to help you discover the joy of singing your heart out.

My Music…

With my performer hat on, I am acutely aware of what a privilege, and all round awesome thing, it is to have the chance to shape the energy of a space, and to create a shared musical moment.

I sing in pretty much all the styles, self-accompany with piano, harp, keyboard or something else, sing unaccompanied, sing with myself with a loop pedal, or enthusiastically suggest everyone sing along. You can subscribe to my youtube channel here. 

Singing with people is awesome…

I lead community choirs of varied and wonderful repertoire, filled with laughter, wonderfullness and skill-building.

I think choirs are magical places of connection, meaning and fun.

My choirs sing mostly accapella music, revelling in an eclectic mix of warm-fuzzy-goodness inducing songs.

You can join! Have a look here.

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