Song-Sharer • Unscary Singing Teacher • Choir Human

Rose Wilson playing folk harp


I’m Rose Wilson, a singer, song-sharer, unscary singing teacher, choir leader, pianist, songwriter, harpist, pretend cellist and all round musically-keen person. 

I help curious and longing-to-sing souls access the joy and general wonderfullness of singing, as well as sharing my own voice and wide-eyed musical enthusiam.

I love helping people learn to sing.


Many people are scared to sing. Many cultures lay the baggage on thick.

But you can sing, you are allowed to sing, you can learn to sing and there are actual concrete, practical useful things to learn.

I love helping people learn them. You can find out more about the Unscary Singing Course as well as getting some fab unscary singing tips here.

I love sharing my songs.


With my performer hat on, I am acutely aware of what a privilege, and all round awesome thing, it is to have the chance to shape the energy of a space, and to create a shared musical moment.

I sing in pretty much all the styles, self-accompany with piano, harp, keyboard or something else, sing unaccompanied, sing with myself with a loop pedal, or enthusiastically suggest everyone sing along. You can subscribe to my youtube channel here. 


I love choirs.


I lead community choirs of varied and wonderful repertoire, filled with laughter, wonderfullness and skill-building. 

I think choirs are magical places of connection, meaning and fun.

My choirs sing mostly accapella music, revelling in an eclectic mix of warm-fuzzy-goodness inducing songs. 

You can join! Have a look here.

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