An infectious enthusiasm and a warm, honest presence are the hallmarks of Rose’s teaching and performance styles… 

Rose Wilson is a singer, singing teacher, choir leader, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who delights in crafting, and partaking in, heart-felt, welcoming and magical musical spaces. 

Rose holds a Bachelor of Music from the Newcastle Conservatorium where she majored in vocal performance, and picked up a love for Mozart opera, ensemble singing, playing endless instruments and got gloriously nerdy and curious about vocal technique.

While Rose loved the land of classical singing, she also fell in love with folk music, blues, jazz, community choirs, improvisation and everything else to do with singing. Rose has a particular love of music styles and vibes which welcome all, and which are alive and dance and breathe and make life a more enjoyable thing to do. 

To this day, she refuses to be stylistically monogamous and continues to sing #allthesongs and play as many instruments as she can get her hands on.

An infectious enthusiasm and a warm, honest presence are the hallmarks of Rose’s teaching and performance styles. Rose’s musical passion and wide-eyed enthusiasm is underpinned and fed by the belief that music is a profoundly powerful, transcendent and important way of connecting us to ourselves and others. 

Rose teaches singing (totally unscarily and with many wonderful words and ideas) online at, and in private lessons, as well as performing, writing songs, leading choirs and workshops, playing tunes and maniacally and joyfully hosting singalongs as often as possible.  

Rose holds a Bachelor of Music and has undertaken plentiful further professional development goodnesses, such as multiple Estill courses, seminars and workshops from the Australian National Association of Singing Teachers (ANATS) and the Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) , songwriting and arrangement workshops and more. 

She has toured with a production of The Marriage of Figaro to a shearing shed in Outback Queensland as part of the Queensland festival, sung with the Newcastle Chamber Choir in South Korea, made up, produced and directed her own pastiche opera while a geeky student (it was awesome) and dragged her examiner to a stair-well mid exam to sing a Hildegard von Bingen chant. 

She has taught singing to hundreds of students over her last 15 years of teaching, and brought singing joy many folks through her numerous local choirs and workshops.

Rose Wilson playing guitar
Rose, You so comprehensively and extraordinarily contributed to us all this weekend. Leading, guiding, interpreting backing, singing yourself; show stopping composition and performance; instruments for yourself others and teachers, sound and light, room setup and decoration and putting wind under the wings of others – every kind in the room. With kindness, generosity, creativity, vitality, wit, and awesomeness-
Thank you!
Judy Hollingworth

Workshop/Open Mic Participant

Remarkable, Revitalizing,

Optimistic, Overflowing with Joy. (Which is contagious)

Shining light, Supportive.

Energising, Exuberant, Enchanting, Encouraging.

You have boosted my confidence and given me courage to get out there and have a go. I thank you Rose.

Thea Morris

Choir Member and Singing Student