Singing in harmony is magic…

My choirs and workshops are welcoming, friendly and much fun. They are warm, engaging, enlivening and unscary places of goodness and you are welcome to join them. I run regular choirs on the Mid North Coast of NSW as well as workshops around the place, both in person and online.

Local Choirs…

I run four weekly choirs on the Mid North Coast of NSW.  Right now, we’re taking it week by week while we see how NSW Covid-land goes, so get in touch if you’re wanting to come along to see where we’re at. 

Music wise, the choirs sing a bit of everything. Unaccompanied music in harmonies, rounds, folk songs, contemporary, world music, body percussion, slow and beautiful, fast and raucous, things we learn and things we make up. We perform a few times throughout the year, always in a well-supported and low stress manner.

All choirs are back to running almost to normal and we welcome new members.


Just a few members from The Song Circle and LoVoCo, in our massed choir items as part of ‘All For Song and Song For All’, a huge local choir celebration featuring 7 local choirs in 2019. 


A women’s choir for mums with kids in tow. All women welcome (sans kids ok too).

Mondays 10-11am, Sea Scouts Hall, Port Mac 



A mixed voices choir.

Mondays 6-8pm, Wauchope Arts Hall


The Song Circle

A women’s day time choir.

Thursdays 10am-12md. Sea Scouts Hall, Buller St, Port Mac 



A mixed voices choir.

Thursdays 7-9pm, Kendall Community Hall.


A special ‘Singamamma in the Park’ as park of World Make Music Day 2019. 

You can read/hear more about this awesome choir in this wonderful ABC radio piece by Emma Siossian here.

The wonderful and merry women of The Song Circle. 

“It’s not often I come across something that makes me feel like I am experiencing the world for the first time, but being in Rose’s choir has made me feel this way. When I first joined the choir, I was not even sure I would be able to sing. But in the warm, safe, lighthearted space that Rose creates, I am learning to sing, and I am having a fascinating, exhilarating and sometimes hilarious journey of musical discovery.” 

Cherie Saxby

Choir Member