Unscary singing lessons of goodness…

Life is better with singing in it- you are allowed to sing, and it is learnable!

I teach private singing lessons, both in person on the mid north coast of NSW and online. I also teach an online, self-paced course over at www.unscarysinging.com

Want to get started right now? Head over to my Youtube channel for my free Unscary Singing Basics Course.

Who has lessons with me…

  • Kids, mostly above the age of about 8, who receive a joyful and affirming introduction to their voice and how to use it.
  • Teenagers seeking guidance, practical information and support on how to navigate and improve their developing voice and musical goals.
  • Adults who were told 20 years ago by a school teacher to mouthe the words who are finally wanting to bust free, proove that teacher was wrong (that story happens alot, and the teacher was always wrong!) and sing their heart out.
  • Adults who have always loved singing, but have never been able to take the time until now to explore and develop their voice. 
  • Musos and performers wanting to brush up, delve deeper or develop a particular aspect of vocal technique.
  • Homeschoolers who appreciate that I’m a homeschool mum myself who revels in and understands how self-directed agency and motivation is a critical aspect of interest-led learning.
  • Choir singers who have figured out just how joyful this singing this is and want to explore solo singing.
  • And other humans who have felt that cathartic goodness of a good sing, and want to understand how to do it reliably, without fear and with open, easeful, goodness.

How do I teach…

I go into every lesson with a plan, but I make no promises that I’ll stick to it! Singing is such a vulnerable and exposing thing, that it’s so important to read that energy and change pace, or repertoire and approach if that is what is needed on that particular day.

I learn with stories and with big connected ideas, and with ludicrous, memorable images. So that is how I teach.

Here are some phrases you’d be likely to hear from me in a lesson-


  • Chicken-wings Beach-ball Frankenstein-Bolts, which describes a way to engage your torso support while at the same time creating space in your throat.
  • Upside-down Waterfall Breath, which describes a useful way to conceive of the constant air flow required to sing on.
  • Happy Surprise Breath, which is a great space creating in breath.
  • Music Theatre Finale Pose, which is my fave way to sing a long note like a pro.
  • Floor Roof Magic, which is this odd thing that works to create an alive tone.
  • And many more wonderful and ever-being-invented ideas combining imagination, information, anatomy, light-heartedness and memorable usefulness!

If inside you there is a singer longing to bust out a tune round a campfire, a soul wanting to dance around and sing to the birds, a human who wants to rock up or feel more comfy at a community choir, a child of yours you’d love to learn to sing with me or if you’ve just always wanted to do the beautiful and brave thing of learning to sing, then you are my people and I’d love to share skills, strategies and stories with you to fill your days with song.

Get in touch to arrange a lesson…

Rose frequently refers to the magic of music…. I prefer to call it the magic of Rose. As a teacher, I’m fascinated by her sometimes outrageous teaching methods- they work. She knows her craft but more importantly she knows how to impart it. 

Betty Starr

Choir Member and Singing Student

Rose is in love with music but loves people even moreThis, coupled with her talent, knowledge and fun persona, makes her a most out of the ordinary singing teacher


Helen Poganowski

Choir Member and Singing Student

What’s the Unscary Singing Course…

In addition to private 1-1 lesson, I also offer a self-paced, fully online singing course.

The Unscary Singing Course teaches you how to teach yourself, how to understand and make sense of singing technique, and how to apply it to whatever songs you want.

The course is built around two main mind-maps images- The Singing Tree, and the Song Map.

The Singing Tree is a way to hold together and structure all the aspects of vocal technique you need to sing your heart out, and the Song Map is a process you can use to apply those concepts.

Head on over to www.unscarysinging.com to discover more if this tickles your fancy.

Rose has a fabulous outgoing, bubbly and non-threatening nature.  Somehow I find myself “just having a go” and I totally surprise myself when I manage to sing something I hadn’t imagined I was ever going to be able to do. 

How does that happen?

Rose does this kind of kind of “magical“ thing. 

She teaches singing techniques by somehow describing and demonstrating and sharing her emotion with us, using her deeply instinctive actions and words.  It is animated and heartfelt and disarming and so I find I kind of somehow instinctively “get it” by experience. 


Fiona Neville

Choir Member

Rose is born to teach music – particularly singing, as her level of patience coupled with her ability to explain, and vocally demonstrate singing techniques across a wide vocal range is quite extraordinary. I was instantly ‘hooked’ by Rose’s wonderful laidback style of teaching, and her beautiful and gentle spirit.

Caroline Stewart

Choir Member and Singing Student

Rose is fantastic, multi-talented and inspirational in every way!! She makes you feel like you have a fantastic voice and lots of potential (even when you think you don’t) and then she puts heaps of energy into teaching you tips and techniques that will actually help make some of that come true!!  She never fails to be positive yet constructive in her feedback.                              

Tashe Long

Choir Member and Singing Student

You are allowed to sing…

You are allowed to sing, and you can learn to sing.

My students are often gobsmacked at how much useful stuff there is actually to know about singing.

Those who are nervous about starting singing come to their first lesson still nervous. They take the brave leap, and come try it out, knowing that they are safe with me to explore and discover what they can do. Over the course of a few lessons, the nerves are replaced with a tender shoot of singing love and the newfound knowledge that there is a path ahead of them that leads to free, easeful and unscary singing.

Those who aren’t so nervous come with ideas and hopes and goals, and we explore and grow and build and learn and singing goodness happens. 

Get in touch to arrange a lesson…