Rose is in love with music but loves people even more.  This, coupled with her talent, knowledge and fun persona, makes her a most out of the ordinary singing teacher. 


Helen Pogonowski

The Song Circle Choir

Rose frequently refers to the magic of music…. I prefer to call it the magic of Rose. As a teacher, I’m fascinated by her sometimes outrageous teaching methods- they work. She knows her craft but more importantly she knows how to impart it.


Betty Starr

The Song Circle Choir

It’s not often I come across something that makes me feel like I am experiencing the world for the first time, but being in Rose’s choir has made me feel this way. When I first joined the choir, I was not even sure I would be able to sing. But in the warm, safe, lighthearted space that Rose creates, I am learning to sing, and I am having a fascinating, exhilarating and sometimes hilarious journey of musical discovery.


Cherie Saxby

LoVoCo Choir

Rose delivers her teaching so organically and with such heart, I am too busy enjoying singing to realise I am learning.

 It’s easy to think that Rose’s skill as a teacher just comes from a combination of her phenomenal voice and her relaxed, warm approach. But after singing with her for over a year, with different tips arising every week (!), I realise Rose must have a truly giant bag of knowledge to draw from, to so flexibly meet the needs of such diverse singers, with such ease!


Rachel Shepphard

SingaMamma Choir

Rose has a fabulous outgoing, bubbly and non-threatening nature.  Somehow I find myself “just having a go” and I totally surprise myself when I manage to sing something I hadn’t imagined I was ever going to be able to do. 

How does that happen?

Rose does this kind of kind of “magical“ thing. 

She teaches  singing techniques by somehow describing and demonstrating and sharing her emotion with us, using her deeply instinctive actions and words.  It is animated and heartfelt and disarming and so I find I kind of somehow instinctively “get it” by experience. 


Fiona Neville

The Song Circle Choir

Rose is fantastic, multi-talented and inspirational in every way!! She makes you feel like you have a fantastic voice and lots of potential (even when you think you don’t) and then she puts heaps of energy into teaching you tips and techniques that will actually help make some of that come true!!  She never fails to be positive yet constructive in her feedback.


Tashe Long

Mosaic Choir and Lessons

What a gift to behold Rose in her happy place, that quickly became my happy place. Rose’s love and mastery of singing are conveyed in such an easy and relaxed way, that even in my first lesson, I felt quickly at ease, regardless if I could find the notes. I always looked forward to this very special time with Rose. Soon my voice also joined the party in her gentle but very clear way.


Elma Roering

SingaMamma and Lessons

Working with Rose, my range improved and my confidence grew in leaps and bounds. Rose has a unique way of teaching, everything is fun and her ability to explain a concept in many different ways makes learning and making mistakes something to be enjoyed!! I have always had difficulty with going outside my comfort zone but Rose is so ready to share that I felt totally at ease when she asked me to try singing upside down! My voice actually improved! Any one who joins her choir, has lessons with her or just sings with her cannot help but be inspired.


Mary Walker

Mosaic Choir and Lessons

I joined Lovoco Choir approximately 2 years ago having never sung in a choir and feeling quiet shy. Rose was very welcoming and I just found my place and felt very much at home. Rose is a natural teacher when it comes to music. She is also very professional in her approach to learning new pieces and is able to communicate her knowledge to the less knowledgeable with fun and laughter.


Caitlin Selmes

LoVoCo Choir

She sings good. 
Rose's Mum

Rose Wilson is not only an exceptional singer and accomplished musician in her own right, with mountains of musical experience, but skilled in several instruments. She has a rare gift of being able to impart her musical knowledge and bring out the very best result, all with great humour and charm.

 It is rare to have someone with such talent who genuinely loves to bring people together from all walks of life, those with some musical background and others with none who have always wanted to sing, and teach them in a lighthearted, easy to understand manner to make beautiful sounds … all with a smile, boundless energy, lots of laughter and delight in their accomplishments! 

 It’s a joy to be part of!


Loyola Arminger

LoVoCo Choir

Rose shares with us simple vocal techniques, in uncomplicated language and clear demonstrations, that make us sound even better than we thought we could.  Instantly!  It’s amazing and wonderful and very uplifting.


Judy Smith

Mosaic Choir

Attending rehearsal feels like a warm hug, such is the atmosphere of inclusion, acceptance and support. And often our gatherings are so much more than a simple choir rehearsal – there are times we bring friends and family, times we bring a plate to share, and times we perform on stage as part of glorious massed choir events that blow our minds and bring us incredible joy.


Jan Dennis

The Song Circle Choir

Remarkable, Revitalizing, 

Optimistic, Overflowing with Joy. (Which is contagious)

Shining light, Supportive.

Energising, Exuberant, Enchanting, Encouraging.


You have boosted my confidence and given me courage to get out there and have a go.

I Thank you Rose.


Thea Morris

LoVoCo Choir

Rose is born to teach music – particularly singing, as her level of patience coupled with her ability to explain, and vocally demonstrate singing techniques across a wide vocal range is quite extraordinary. I was instantly ‘hooked’ by Rose’s wonderful laidback style of teaching, and her beautiful and gentle spirit.
Caroline Stewart

The Song Circle Choir

I went once to Rose’s choir and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to go again, and again, until I decided to clear my agenda for it as it became a highlight in my week. On top of her knowledge and her amazing voice, it is also her energy, her enthusiasm and the love of what she does that make her unique. She makes all of us feel welcome and at ease. The experience is uplifting and I always leave the choir with a big smile on my face.


Magalie Lameloise

The Song Circle Choir

Rose, You so comprehensively and extraordinarily contributed to us all this weekend. Leading, guiding, interpreting backing, singing yourself; show stopping composition  and performance; instruments for yourself others and teachers, sound and light, room setup and decoration and putting wind under the wings of others – every kind in the room. Maybe a thing or two more than this?

With Kindness generosity creativity vitality wit and awesomeness

Thank you!


Judy Hollingworth

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