I run short and long workshops of joy, connection and goodness. You should totally come sing in one. 

Were you are Amy’s Workshop?? Your sounds files are here. Hurruh. 

The Great Big Unscary Sing Lesson is a short (couple of hours) or long (a couple of days) workshop that gives participants a crash course in singing technique. It is a warm-hearted, useful and unique approach to singing that will have you understanding, enjoying and appreciating your voice like never before. 
The workshop is aimed at those who so want to sing but are scared to start, as well as at those who already enjoy singing but want to skill up. 



Where the Wild Songs Are is a group singing workshop filled with wild songs for wild hearts to take out into the world and sing in wild places. 

We sing eclectic and life-affirming unacompanied music, with a focus on the natural world. Songs for seasons, songs to sing on the tops of mountains, songs to sing while staring at stars, blessing songs, peace songs and more. 


Want a workshop near you? Contact me and let’s see what we can do!